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NHS North West Leadership Academy: Talent Development Hub

What is it?

What is talent management?  It’s clear (and supported by much research) that having well-led workforces creates greater engagement, higher performance and improved patient outcomes.  Our NHS sustainability and success is dependent on having the right people with the right skills in the right roles – with the right behaviours and values. Talent Management in the NHS has been extensively written about and we understand that we face the same issues as many organisations in the 'war for talent' – an ageing highly experienced workforce; globalisation impacting on an already highly competitive labour market; the 'brain drain' from the UK; changing employee expectations around flexible working. This backdrop requires a comprehensive rethink of the NHS approach to talent, aimed at maximising the potential talent which exists in the NHS to addressing these complexities and meet our challenges.

Why do it?

Together with our Local Leadership Academies (LLAs), we have developed a suite of talent management resources to support effective talent management processes to enable the potential of NHS employees' to be maximised.

We continue to work with a range of NHS organisations and staff to develop and refine our approach. The most frequently asked questions have been "where do we go to get started with talent management?" and "how do we access the right tools and supporting materials?". We've developed this NHS Talent Management Hub to provide a much needed resource and to be the online home for our supportive 'talent management' and 'maximising potential' materials.


Free to access

How to take forward:

Visit the National Talent Management website. 


Updated: May 2019