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North West Employers: Organisational & System Development

What is it?

We believe culture does eat strategy and never has this been truer; particularly within the public sector now. Whether you are facing unprecedented financial challenges, coming to grips with digital or grappling with a place-based approach we can help you develop the culture you need to succeed.

We’ve been delivering great services to the public sector in our region for over 100 years. From coaching to member development through to good old-fashioned training.

Over the past year we have been branching out and providing support and expertise on culture and organizational development which has led us to more formally bring you a number of new services which we call the OD Offer.

Bringing you the best OD talent from across the country, we are delighted to now be able to offer a range of OD services from organisational diagnostics right through to OD strategy development and delivery.

We feel confident that whatever your needs our hand selected OD experts will be able to help.

Why do it?

Financial constraints requiring system level transformation / increasing recognition of the importance of:

- Place-based working; Partnerships; Digital

A fundamental shift for local government and public sector organisations to change their behaviour in the systems that they operate within

The need for inclusive leadership across all public sector services driven by representation, social mobility and local wealth creation

Creating diverse teams that outperform others

The need to balance delivery of statutory services and the books

The impact of Brexit on workforce capability

The need to maximise bottom line performance – achieving more with less and minimising the internal cost of change

Complex transformation requires new skills, patterns and habits (collaborative, facilitative, commercial, bottom line focus)

Building OD capacity and capability across the region will enable transformation and maximising of bottom line performance, whilst delivering the demands of the day job


We will be happy to provide a tailored quote based on your specific requirements.

How to take forward:

Contact Kash Haroon, Director, North West Employers: 0161 834 9362



Last Updated: May 2019