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North West Employers: Place Based Leadership

What is it?

It seems like everyone is talking about systems and place-based leadership but what does this actually mean and how can we  work together to enable this approach?  There's some great examples of place-based leadership happening and we want to share and celebrate this and use the learning to create the right cultural conditions for our members to build capacity and sustainability with their partners and communities.

Our range of support includes:

Bringing leaders together through bespoke development programmes and away days

Working with leaders to build their self-awareness and strengths in a place based environment

Providing  a platform for you to develop talent and recruit top talent

Providing access to relevant leadership and management qualifications

Supporting you to connect the head and the heart by developing a  workforce that is inclusive, resilient and community focused

Showcasing new ways of working, celebrating success  and provoking thinking 

Why do it?

A place could be a local neighbourhood, a town, or a whole region with place leaders coming together from a range of different sectors and organisations. To develop and maintain strong, sustainable and inclusive places, leaders need to collaborate and work effectively beyond their own organisational boundaries.  They  need the skills and confidence to lead partnerships and drive activity  across a wide range of agencies and organisations and work differently to share knowledge, develop relationships, build trust, encourage co-production and build leadership capability. 

We can help by supporting  system leaders at all levels, from democratic and strategic leadership, through senior leaders and managers to the delivery via multi-disciplinary teams.


We will be happy to provide a tailored quote based on your specific requirements.

How to take forward:

Contact Kash Haroon, Director, North West Employers: 0161 834 9362



Last Updated: May 2019