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Skills for Care: Resources to Support Skills and Knowledge Development and Progression

What is it?

Skills for Care’s ‘Guide to developing your staff' will help you plan, deliver and evaluate the learning and development you provide for your staff.

The Care Certificate should form part of the induction process and outlines the minimum standards you need to meet when working in adult social care. Skills for Care has resources and support to help including workbooks and presentations.

The Manager Induction Standards set out what a manager needs to know and understand to perform well in their role and can be used with new, existing and aspiring managers. Skills for Care has a workbook and eLearning modules available to support the standards.

There are lots of different roles in adult social care providing support to people with very different needs. Many roles require specialist knowledge and skills to ensure workers can provide high quality care. Skills for Care has guides to support staff develop their knowledge in specific areas including dementia, end of life care and learning disability.

Why do it?

Regular learning and development will help ensure workers can remain up-to-date with best practice to provide the best care and support.

There are lots of different ways to learn new things and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) key lines of enquiry will assess how you make sure that staff have the skills, knowledge and experience to deliver effective care and support.

Benefits of investing in learning and development for your staff:

- enable staff to deliver good and outstanding care

- improve workforce competence and productivity

- develop aspiring leaders

- improve recruitment and retention rates.

It’s important that people working in adult social care have the right skills and knowledge to provide high quality care and support. Everyone should be able to take part in learning and development to make sure they can carry out their role effectively.


This varies depending on the resource you're looking at, but the majority of the resources and tools are available free of charge.

How to take forward:

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Updated: September 2019