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The Growth Company: Consultancy around people management, systems improvement and team profiling

What is it?

We offer a range of services to help you develop your people including leadership development program and training courses, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), psychometric testing and team profiling, executive coaching and our work culture focused Ambition Programme. As well as employee engagement surveys to workplace wellbeing tools. We can support you to develop effective leadership and management practices, raising employee engagement, embedding high performance practices, and driving resilience.

We also provide a range of services and standards to maximise the benefits of process and systems you have in place/are looking to implement these range from improving the quality of your product or service, to increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your processes, policies and procedures these include ISO standards, IIP accreditations and more. Management systems and standards are extremely useful tools especially if you want to manage your business activities in a more efficient and cost effective way.

Why do it?

We are passionate about helping organisations to create happy, healthy and sustainable cultures – and supporting the link between developing people, high performance working and business success plays a big part.

Your organisation is made up of and driven by people. By actively encouraging the development of their knowledge, skills and behaviours, you are investing both in them and your business.  Not only will you be creating a positive workplace culture as a result, but you will also be developing the conditions your people need to give their all each day and ultimately securing the sustainability and success of your organisation. 

Our organisational and people development consulting services are bespoke to you and designed to help you ask questions about your business and its future that you may have never considered before. 

By exploring key organisation development issues such as workplace wellbeing, employee engagement, leadership development and work culture, we will help you to uncover excellence, identify developments and design activities to implement and support improvement


Negotiable (dependant upon business size and sector)

How to take forward:

Visit Improving Systems Developing People Growing Business or call 0844 406 8008



Last Updated: May 2019