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WRaPT: Secure Workforce Data Repository (within WRaPT)

What is it?

WRaPT is the Workforce Repository and Planning Tool which enables the collection, analysis and modelling of workforce information from organisations and providers across the whole health and social care economy. Created in partnership between Health Education England North West, Lancashire Care Foundation Trust and GE Healthcare Partners, it is a free to use, flexible tool which at its core establishes the relationship between workforce capacity and service activity. It has been designed to provide a secure workforce repository and reporting function and facilitates the analysis of large amounts of workforce and activity data across multiple organisations, creating the ability to align workforce with activity without utilising personally identifiable data. WRaPT's secure repository allows you to search and refine the  data and extract the subset that you want – “Show me the workforce that delivers Urology activity”, and the Planning tool component allows you to build a scenario by changing activity, workforce and efficiency levels.

Why do it?

WRaPT has been designed to provide a secure workforce repository and reporting function (as well as a data modelling function). The repository is fully compliant with relevant Information Governance legislation, including GDPR and your team can be trained to use the tool themselves, reducing the need to outsource workforce data collection and collation projects. The WRaPT tool contains templates to help you format your data for easy upload to the tool and safely stores your required workforce data, whether for a single team or whole multi-organisational systems. We can also provide advice and guidance on data collection, information governance and data cleaning to get your data in the optimum shape for storage and analysis. WRaPT provides a quick and easy solution for many workforce questions, giving you a cost effective and sustainable approach to understanding core workforce factors and options.


Access to the WRaPT tool is free for health and social care organisations and systems within England.

How to take forward:

Visit Wrapt website